Tech Alert - Scenarist BD

Post date: Jun 10, 2011 3:16:31 AM

The Rovi Professional Products Team would like to alert all Scenarist BD users to the following industry development:

Issue: AACS Bus Encryption-enabled players will be available soon.

Details: Version 0.95 of the AACS specification added a new copy protection mechanism called Bus Encryption. Bus Encryption enhances the protection offered to data moving between the drive reading the Blu-ray Disc and the player requesting the data. This is not relevant to traditional set-top players, it only affects software players and the Sony PlayStation 3. Currently there are no commercially available players that support Bus Encryption. They are due to become available later this year, however, this will not be publicly announced and it will not be possible to tell whether a player supports Bus Encryption or not.

Recommendation: There are no known issues with Bus Encryption-enabled titles created using Scenarist BD. However, in order for the protection to work correctly, it is important that your replication facility is able to support Bus Encryption. Until further notice, we would recommend either disabling Bus Encryption (in Scenarist's CPS Editor) or ensuring that check discs are tested in a Bus Encryption-enabled player at the replication facility. If you are interested in testing Bus Encryption-enabled titles in-house please contact your regional Rovi Professional Products representative to discuss sourcing a suitable player.

More Information: Please log an incident in SonicOnline, or call your regional Rovi Professional Products representative, if you have any concerns or questions.

Best regards,

Rovi Professional Products Team.